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 Request For Quote
Interested in purchasing a machine (bag filler, bag sealer, bag handler)? Please fill out the information below, or if you prefer a personal contact, please e-mail us with your information.

General Information

Company Name
Direct Phone NumberE-mail
Best way to communicate with you -
( e-mail, phone, fax, best time to call, what phone number... )

Machine Type Needed

1Bag Filler
2Bag Sealers
3Bag Handling
4Feed Conveyor
5Pack Off Table-Circular or Conveyor
*** Filling in additional information below is optional ***

Additional Notes on Machine Type Needed


Miscellaneous Sales Information

Please rank these in terms of importance to you (1-8). We realize these factors are all very important, but we would like to understand from you (and this project) which are the most important (Example: Is price more important than lead time? Or are you willing to pay more to have your machine sooner?)
  Reliability  Support from manufacturer
  Price  Construction / materials that machine is made of
  Service  Parts availability
  Performance  Lead time - quick delivery
1) Is there a deadline that the machine is needed to be installed and running by?
2) How are you presently fulfilling this function?
3) What would you change about your current vendor machine?
4) Who is the present manufacturer of the equipment you use?
5) What other vendors are you considering?
6) Who else is involved in decision making?
7) What are you trying to achieve with this change? (check all that apply)
   Labor savings
   Package Appearance
   Increase output
   Other -
  Please explain
Other notes we should know about this project?

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