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 Ordering Process
Once the final quotation is produced and agreed upon by all parties involved, with all the specifications outlined (bag size, speed, options, lead time, etc.), the order entry process can begin.

If you have not yet obtained a quote, please either contact your local representative, or go to Request a Quote, E-mail Us, or go directly to Purchase Machine now before continuing...

As the Ordering Process begins, first we will need from the customer:

  • A Purchase Order Number (PO#)-including credit information,

  • 40% down payment (40% of the entire order including options), and

  • Product samples (ie: 1lb of product, 2 bags of each size-and style)
Upon completion of the 3 functions listed above (issuance of the customers PO#, receipt of the down payment and receipt of product samples), we will also schedule a conference call between all involved parties to make sure everyone understands and agrees to the specifications of the equipment that is being built.

**Note:  For all customers (domestic and foreign) we will also need electrical information, detailed specification sheets, space measurements, etc. The customer is liable and responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information supplied to us before the equipment is manufactured.

The next time there is any activity with the order is 2-3 weeks prior to shipping the equipment. At this time, the Manufacturer will bill the customer for:

  1. A progress payment (40% again)

  2. We will require that the customer send us test samples to run on the new machine (test samples are usually large quantities of the product):
    • At least 5 lbs.-100 lbs. of product, and
    • At least 20-30 bags of each size and style
The manufacturing plant will then test the sample products on the new machine to make sure the process is running properly. At this point, if there are any issues or any complications that arise, the customer will be notified immediately to correct or resolve any problems. This is a good time for the customer to consider sending one of their employees to the manufacturer for machine acceptance and training. Usually the training at the Manufacturers facilitis is complimentary and ends up being very helpful. As a result, when the machine arrives the customer has some familiarity with the new unit.

!!! For International Customers, be sure to have an LOC in hand as well as a third party (such as a reputable bank or credit union) to handle the money and/or payment(s).
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