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 Uncrating / Installing
The best way for the customer to ensure proper acceptance of the equipment is to have a forklift and a loading dock available. If you do not have access to either one, you must make arrangements on you own before the delivery date.
  • Once the equipment is unloaded, please inspect it for damage PRIOR to unloading***[see terms below].

  • The next step is the uncrating, which is usually done by the customer.

  • After this, the machine should be ready to be moved into position and installation should begin here. This process can be a simple as plugging the machine into an outlet, or more complicated involving tasks such as bolting to the floor, hanging from the ceiling etc.
Note: Only qualified persons should be performing these tasks. If you need assistance with any of these functions, please Contact Us or your local representative with your request.

***Once the equipment is unloaded, always be sure to thoroughly inspect equipment for damage and anything unusual PRIOR to signing the Bill of Lading.

Please remember, this is the ONLY chance the customer will have to claim damage in shipping. We recommend a careful inspection as well as a photograph if there happen to be any damages, for your records.****

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