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Once the machine is in place with all the utilities connected (ie: electrical, air, etc.), the product is available, and the bags are present...the start-up and training phase begins.

This is often done (self-taught) by the customer if they are familiar with the equipment. If needed, you can always arrange for this to be provided by the manufacturer (typically through your local representative), however, this service is not included in the final pricing of the machine. Additional cost for this service varies, depending on the manufacturer, the length of time needed, and the customers level of technical knowledge, expertise, etc. For an estimate, please refer back to your quote and contact your local representative with your reference number and any other information you wish to include.

The start-up and training phase typically takes about one week to complete, once again, depending on the customers level of knowledge and/or expertise. Often times, the customer needs to understand that this type of equipment is not simply "Plug and Play" and that many times it will require a customization in the field which involves additional time and money.

Depending on the situation, this customization may or may not be covered by the manufacturer, and as a result, top speeds and production levels may not be realized for 30 days or more after installation is completed. Please keep this in mind when ordering and when determining the time frame for your increased output.

Should you need assistance in any of this, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or your local representative with your requests or concerns so that we can get you up and running as quickly as possible. We have access to local technicians as well as good relations with our manufacturers service departments. We realize this entire order process seems complex, but please be assured that we only want to make sure we cover all the details before getting involved.

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