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 Shipping Process
When the equipment is ready to be shipped, the Manufacturer will usually pre-pay the shipping cost and add it to the final invoice. This final invoice will be sent to the customer after the machine has shipped, and is due 30 days after the ship date.

The equipment will usually be shipped skided (similar to a small pallet that a forklift can pick-up) and will usually be crated (to protect the machine). The customer will be notified when the equipment is scheduled for delivery.

Typically, the equipment is shipped by common carrier with an air ride truck. Depending on where it is originating from, shipping time will be anywhere from 2-7 days. If the equipment is needed quickly, you can request to have it shipped directly to you (but remember, it will definitely cost more). In addition, as the customer you may choose your own freight company with air ride trucks, otherwise, the Manufacturer will use their standard carrier. At this time, the customer should make sure he/she is ready to accept the new equipment. (Please refer to the Uncrating/Installing section).

** For International customers, please be aware of additional costs such as: freight forwarding, insurance, taxes, duties, custom fees for entry, etc.
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