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 Bags Per Minute Conversion Calculator
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Most manufacturers of packaging machinery prefer to discuss speeds in packages per minute (whether it is fills per minute from a bag filler, or bags per minute on a sealer, or the cycle rate of the machine). However, users of the equipment typically prefer to speak in output per hour or shift (whether it is cases or pallets completed). This calculator makes this conversion quick and easy!

Enter Capacity Produced Per Hour
1)If you know the pounds per hour, enter here: lbs.
2)If you know the
ounces per hour,
enter here:
 Tip: This is the amount of product that you produce in one hour of running time. It can either be with your existing method or with the new equipment.
Enter Package Weight
1)If your product is weighed in pounds, enter here: lbs.
2)If your product is weighed in ounces, enter here: oz.
 Tip: This is the weight of one package (or bag). If you have multiple packages, you will need to figure them separately.
The Answer!!! bpm
This is the bags per minute you will produce!
  Note: This calculation is figured by dividing your capacity by the package weight and then dividing that number by 60 (60 min/hour).


*** Try this calculation to figure out how much more product you can package!

Enter Speed In Bags Per Minute
1)Enter the new speed with the new equipment bpm
Enter Package Weight
1)If you know the pounds, enter here: lbs. 
2)If you know the ounces, enter here: oz. 

The Answer!!! - Your New Capacity...
Per Hour lbs.  oz.
Per 8 Hour Shift lbs. oz.
 Note: This calculation is figured by multiplying the new speed by the package weight and then multiplying by 60 for the bags/hr and by 8 for bags/shift.
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