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 About Us
We are a distributor of packaging machinery with special expertise in bag filling, bag handling, and bag sealing equipment.

Our staff and partners have 100+ years of experience in these fields and we believe that we can help customers choose equipment more efficiently over the internet by providing 24 hour - 7 days a week access to this information.

This site is designed to handle the entire sales transaction electronically and eliminate the need for personal sales calls (which are costly), therefore reducing costs and passing the savings on to you, the customer. As this site is used, we will be continually upgrading and improving the functionality to include customer profiles, parts ordering, chat rooms, new products, unique installations, used equipment, and anything else our customers recommend!! So please let us know what you think we should add.

ZiggyPak is designed for both the experienced company looking to upgrade their existing equipment (or to increase their line speed) and for the first time user who knows very little about the industry. For first time users, a good place to start is to click our recommendations section for bag filling, bag sealing, and bag handling, where we can automatically recommend a machine for your application. Try this now!!

This site can also be used for new packaging ideas complete with photographs of new packages, sealing styles and market trends, regulations, labeling information, and much more!

Enjoy this site…it's for you!

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